I had a client reach out to me about their recent experience with moving from an internal-based IT to CMS.

Here’s what he had to say:

The single biggest benefit we have experienced working with CMS as our IT management firm has been the ability to have a complete hands-off approach to our IT concerns. CMS provides great service with either a quick phone call or email with the confidence that our security and functionality is their primary concern. Our company started off small with minimal IT management needed, so we took care of all our IT needs internally. We have been blessed with growth over the years and recognized that we needed to enlist a firm that would take on the IT management burden. This allowed us to focus our energy on what we do best as a company.

If you are on the fence, on whether to choose CMS as your IT management firm, I would encourage you to talk to Kurt and his team. Tell them your concerns, tell them your struggles. Let them evaluate your company and offer the best package that works for YOU…not a cookie cutter solution that is easy, but one that fits you and your needs. – Neil S., Manufacturing

Although the notion of providing reliable, affordable, full-service computer support isn’t a new concept, it still surprises me how many computer technicians don’t get it right. My guess is that you’ve been disappointed, even burned, by other IT guys in the past.

Are you sick and tired of constant IT, phone and computer problems interrupting your day, frustrating you and your team? Do you feel stuck with an absent-minded computer guy who isn’t delivering the SERVICE you want, but you don’t know who else you can trust to do a good job without overcharging you?

If so, I have the solution that will make IT-related issues one headache you NEVER have to deal with again.

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