As the owner of a company the last thing I want to do is deal with a malfunctioning computer network. Not only does Computer Maintenance Service, Inc. allow me peace of mind on my network but has also designed and installed a state of the art camera surveillance system along with a new phone system. When I have a need or a concern I call CMS. With the implementation of the diverse applications, state of the art equipment I can view my company camera systems on my cell phone. If needed, I can work anywhere there is an internet connection. Not only do they fully support the hardware end they are knowledgeable and support software applications as well. I have worked with all the staff at CMS from the receptionist to the owner and they have always done a great job for our company.

Kenneth M., Owner Manufacturing

I'd like to thank you once again for all the help and support you've given us over the years. I believe we've been with you since the late 90s and I don't see us changing anytime in the near future. Since our initial server, you've installed 2 replacements and both times the transition went seamlessly. You and your staff are always there when any issue arises and you help solve the problem immediately so we don't lose data or man hours. Your ability to access our network and workstations remotely is wonderful! In addition, our nevv installations (about 30 pc's so far) have been problem free; our email rarely has any issues; and your follow up in tracking our antivirus programs and scans are priceless!

Thanks again for all you do (and how well you do it!!). We're looking forward to working with you for years to come!

Donna O., (ret.) Property Management

I became a client of CMS about 9 years ago when the hard drive failed on my laptop. Since I had some very important data on that computer, I went to several repair outlets, in an effort to save the data. No luck, until I walked into CMS. I left my computer with CMS and they were able to copy everything on the faulty hard drive. Life Saver!

Since I travel much of the time, CMS set a secure VPN connection with my main computer. They addressed and overcame issues like automatic IP address changes and the system continues to run perfectly.

When traveling, it is an understatement to say, my computer is a must. Over the years, I had various problems and issues surfaced while “on the road”. Every time I had a problem, CMS understood the importance of correcting the issue and simply put, they were always there for me.

When I needed to replace my desktop, I asked them to build one for me and they did. I absolutely never regretted it.

When I moved my business to Florida, I kept my relationship with CMS and plan to do so as long as I can.

These people are sincere on every level and committed to their clients. My happy day was walking through their door, almost a decade ago!

Duane H., President Insurance

We hired Computer Maintenance Service to maintain our computer needs for my office. They are always quick to respond and fix any issues we have. We are very pleased with this company and recommend them.

A little extra attention given to the technicians Alex and Kurt. Both are a pleasure to work with and have always been right on with their maintenance.

Thank you both so much for your continued work in keeping this office running.

Edward J., Attorney Legal

I have worked with CMS as my computer consultant since 1994. It has been a good relationship.

CMS keeps my computers and programs running; they make suggestions about uses and equipment so that my office stays as current as one can in the fast-paced technological world. When it is an emergency, they get right on it. Alex does a great job for CMS. Best of all, neither Kurt nor Jeanne laugh when I ask those really dumb IT questions.

Jim S., Attorney Legal

“The single biggest benefit we have experienced working with CMS as our IT management firm has been the ability to have a complete hands-off approach to our IT concerns. CMS provides great service with either a quick phone call or email with the confidence that our security and functionality is their primary concern. Our company started off small with minimal IT management needed, so we took care of all our IT needs internally. We have been blessed with growth over the years and recognized that we needed to enlist a firm that would take on the IT management burden. This allowed us to focus our energy on what we do best as a company.

If you are on the fence, on whether to choose CMS as your IT management firm, I would encourage you to talk to Kurt and his team. Tell them your concerns, tell them your struggles. Let them evaluate your company and offer the best package that works for YOU…not a cookie cutter solution that is easy, but one that fits you and your needs.”

Neil S., President Manufacturing

“Since joining CMS for our IT needs over 10 years ago, we have received the type of service companies like us expect: promptness, professionalism, and personalized service. We love working with the entire CMS team and will always recommend CMS to anyone looking for the same type of service. CMS has been able to repeatedly produce the level of service that our prior IT companies were not able to provide. The team at CMS has always been very professional and we always appreciate the great working relationship with them as well as the owners Kurt and Jeanne who participate in the day-to-day.”110

Kim L., President Consulting

“The biggest benefit I receive while having CMS as our IT Company is knowing our system is monitored and updated regularly without my company having to think about it. The staff at CMS patiently listens to our frantic issues and calmly goes about identifying and resolving the issue, which at times is a user error. The service I receive from CMS is very personalized which is something I have not found in past IT companies.”

Ellen B., President Real Estate

“My company has engaged CMS as my IT provider for the past 10+ years. I can count on CMS and their staff to assist my company with all IT needs. Along with their professionalism their response time to any of our business IT Issues is fantastic. They will also go out of their way and help you with any personal computer issues including helping you on weekends and after hours. CMS is a very dependable and very adept at their jobs. CMS gives me peace of mind knowing they are taking care of issues before we are even aware there is an issue. Having a company that answers their phones and will assist me on the spot, if necessary, is a quality that I appreciate.”

Bryon B., Owner Manufacturing

CMS has been the IT company for my small business for a couple of years now. They been spot on with their service. They have always been able to resolve our issues even if they had to work with some of our other vendors to resolve issues with our proprietary software. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Scott M. Co-Founder
Veterinary Hospital